Community Service Resources and Forms

Community Service Instructions

Step 1: Choose an Organization

Choose an organization in one of these ways:

  • Through the Community Service Resource Center: automatically approved
    • Search the online database and contact listed organizations
    • Subscribe to the “Community Service Opportunities” weekly email to learn about upcoming volunteer times
  • Find your own: NOT automatically approved
    • Choose a non-profit organization
    • **Email your judicial officer to get permission before you do the service**
    • Include the organization’s name, the supervisor’s contact information, and a brief description of the work to be performed
Resources for Finding Community Service Opportunites

The Internship and Career Center’s Community Service Resource Center has numerous ways to identify community service opportunities. If you are having difficulty completing your community service hours, please utilize the information below to find a community service opportunity. In addition to the resources below, you can always connect with the Community Service Resource Center by phone (530-752-3813), by email (, or in person (106 South Hall).

Step 2: Do the Service

Have the supervisor write the date and time for every volunteering session on the Community Service Completion Form.

Remember: supervisor cannot be a student, friend, or family member.

Step 3: Reflect

In a Word document or on a piece of paper, answer these questions with 2-3 sentences each for every organization.

  1. What did you do for your community service? Describe your experience.
  2. What have you learned about this agency, the people that you served, and the community as a whole?
  3. What have you learned about yourself through your volunteer service?
  4. Do you feel that your involvement had any impact on the people served or the organization?
  5. What have you experienced in this opportunity that might be used as a resource in the future?
  6. As a result of this experience, would you consider doing more volunteer work?
  7. How could the experience be improved?

Step 4: Submit

Email the signature form and your responses to the reflection questions to


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