CJB Responsibilities

The CJB has responsibility for hearing and deciding disputed cases of suspected academic misconduct. Student members of the CJB also promote academic integrity through outreach programs designed to educate students and faculty about the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct.

In addition, CJB members hold office hours and answer questions from students seeking information about UC Davis' discipline procedures, student rights, and grievance options. CJB members have follow-up meetings with students who been through the disciplinary process. Usually, these meetings are with students who have admitted misconduct and completed their community service or other educational task or sanctions. CJB members talk with the students about their experiences with community service and/or the disciplinary process.

CJB Student Service on Disciplinary Hearing Panels

By serving on disciplinary hearing panels, students play an important role in upholding campus standards. Student involvement in the disciplinary process is part of student self-governance; student members of the CJB members provide a student voice and represent student interests in the disciplinary process.

For individual students, such service provides leadership experience and offers real-life opportunities to develop and use their skills in analyzing facts, assessing and weighing credibility, exercising sound judgment and articulating reasons for their decisions. CJB members must communicate clearly, respectfully, and effectively about complex and sometimes emotional matters. Finally, participating in hearings can enhance the ethical development of panel members themselves as they endeavor to examine, evaluate, and respond to the conduct of their peers.

CJB members may also serve as advisors for accused students and reporting parties, practicing their advising skills.

In addition to formal fact-finding hearings, CJB members participate in meetings with reported students with OSSJA staff, conduct follow-up meetings with referred students both to resolve cases and sign agreements, and also to discuss the community service or other educational tasks that may have been assigned as part of the disciplinary agreement. CJB involvement in these other portions of the disciplinary process is designed to help students who violate the rules learn from poor decisions, and develop decision-making skills to make responsible, ethical choices.

CJB Outreach Projects

Student members of the CJB promote academic integrity through educational outreach programs. The CJB outreach program includes designing and distributing educational materials; talking to student, faculty, and advisory groups about preventing academic dishonesty and promoting social responsibility; and producing special programs to highlight the importance of ethics and integrity, such as the CJB's annual "Chill Day."