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Publications for Students:

A Student's Guide to Student Judicial Affairs

Guide to Formal Hearings

Avoiding Plagiarism: Mastering the Art of Scholarship

Collaboration: When You Can and When You Can't Work with Others

Suggestions for Avoiding Academic Misconduct

Publications for Faculty:

Teaching Academic Integrity: A Guide for UC Davis Faculty and TAs

What Happens When I Refer a Student for Academic Misconduct?

* What is the difference between the UC Davis Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline, the Standards of Conduct for Students, and the Code of Academic Conduct?

The Policy is inclusive of all student conduct standards as well as disciplinary procedures, and includes the other two documents. The Standards of Conduct lists all student conduct standards, both academic and social. The Code of Academic Conduct elaborates on and pertains only to our academic standards and expectations.

Publications on Policies and Procedures:

UC Davis Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline*

UC Davis Standards of Conduct for Students*

The UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct*

UC Davis Adjudication of Student Cases of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment

On- and Off-Campus Jurisdiction

Privacy Rights and Student Records (on Registrar's website)


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