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OSSJA Staff Directory

Melissa Andrews, Administrative Manager

Hilary Padilla, Administrative Assistant or

Anisa Khan, Administrative Assistant or

Bryan Bran, Administrative Assistant or

Stacy Vander Velde, Director

Marilyn Derby, Associate Director of Judicial Affairs

Elena Dueñas, Judicial Officer

Heidi Chio, Judicial Officer

Jacqueline Dosick, Judicial Officer

Pamela Kisting, Judicial Officer

Stasha Burton, Judicial Officer

Syreeta Imura, Judicial Officer

Mikaela Falwell, Adjudication Coordinator

Jennifer Chow, Associate Director of Student Support

Dominique Jackson, Case Manager

elizabeth (e.) coté, Case Manager

Lesley Kelman, Case Manager

Panhoia Lee, Case Manager

Robin Ducatillon, Case Manager

To schedule an appointment with any of the individuals listed above, please call our office 530-752-1128 during our business hours.


Edited 8/4/2022 by MLA