The Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs (OSSJA) is responsible for administering the student disciplinary system at UC Davis. Students are members of our academic community and of society at large, and as such they have both rights and responsibilities and  are expected to adhere to University policies as well as the law.  The authority to discipline students who do not uphold our conduct standards is delegated from the Chancellor through the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to OSSJA.

Alleged student violations of University policies or campus rules are referred to OSSJA, including suspected academic and social misconduct, occurring on- or off-campus (the University has limited off-campus jurisdiction).  Centralized reporting and handling of student discipline cases maintains consistency and fairness in the treatment of misconduct, and centralized records ensure that repeat offenders are disciplined accordingly.  In addition, our centralized disciplinary system takes much of the burden of dealing with student academic misconduct off of instructors.

Academic honesty is very important at UC Davis. Our Code of Academic Conduct is part of a long-standing honor code tradition on our campus dating back to 1911. Students who violate the Code face disciplinary sanctions including Censure/Warning, Disciplinary Probation, Suspension or Dismissal, although admitting to the misconduct and accepting responsibility and sanctions generally reduces the severity of the penalty, especially for a first offense.  

Students are also subject to discipline for social misconduct, which can range from violations of noise, alcohol, or drug policies, to disruption of class, theft, fraud, misuse of computers, or conduct that threatens health and safety. The more serious the violation, and the higher the risk of harm to the campus community, the more severe the sanctions.

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