About the UC Davis Campus Judicial Board -- Our Mission and Role

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The CJB Mission and Role

The Campus Judicial Board (CJB) is a body of students and faculty members appointed by the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs to hear cases of suspected student misconduct and to initiate outreach and education projects to the campus community. The mission of CJB is to uphold academic integrity and standards of conduct for students through these educational outreach programs and by serving on hearings to resolve disputed cases of alleged misconduct by students.  

Student members of CJB are an integral part of the academic mission of the University. Working alongside and on an equal footing with faculty members, they are entrusted with the responsibility of adjudicating cases involving student misconduct. Through this process and their efforts to promote integrity and prevent academic misconduct, student members of the Campus Judicial Board maintain and enhance the value of a UC Davis education. The reputation of our campus and the value of a UC Davis diploma should be of concern to every student seeking a degree at our school.

The Board is sponsored and supervised by the Office of Student Support and Judicial Affairs, and assists OSSJA in its work by serving as advisors or panel members during formal hearings; creating and conducting educational outreach programs; and providing information, advice, and assistance to students about University policies and their rights and responsibilities.

The students on the CJB fulfill a critical role in maintaining academic integrity. Under the UC Davis Code of Academic Conduct, responsibility for upholding the academic integrity of our campus rests with students as well as faculty and the administration.  The role of students, as stipulated by the Code, is that they are responsible for acting with honor in their own learning, teaching, research, work, and service. Students are also directed to hold themselves and others accountable, and to take action if they learn of wrongdoing. To tolerate dishonesty and unfairness is to perpetuate its existence.

Student involvement in the disciplinary process is essential, and helps shape a campus where students take pride in their own character and integrity as well as the academic excellence of UC Davis. Students have a vital role in maintaining academic integrity — individually and collectively. Through the CJB, they have the power to influence campus culture and to effect change.

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