Before the Exam

Before the Exam: (see Creating a Climate of Academic Integrity: Tips to Prevent Cheating)

♦  Before the exam starts, remind students of their responsibilities under the Code of Academic Conduct, and that violations will be confronted and referred for discipline.

♦  Tell students to keep their eyes on their own papers and to cover their work.

♦  Give oral and written instructions about what materials can or cannot be used.  Prohibit the use of electronic devices in exams, including cell phones. Tell students that a ringing phone will result in an automatic deduction of points from the exam because of the disruption it causes to other students.

♦  Instruct students that all unauthorized materials (notes, books, etc.) must be put away so they are not visible to anyone.  Similarly, require students to turn off and put away out of sight all electronic devices.   

♦  Have students zip up and close their backpacks, and put them completely under their chairs/seats.

♦  Monitor exams to deter/prevent cheating (especially in large classes or crowded rooms).  Monitors may answer questions, assist students in maintaining standards of academic integrity, and confront and report misconduct.

♦  Arrange for alternate seating, or use multiple test versions on different color paper.